SEATTLE, November 9, 2017 – Trusted Key Solutions Inc. today launched Secure SSH Key Management as part of the Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet. The SSH Key management feature allows users to authorize use of their SSH key with their mobile phone making it both highly secure, and convenient-to-use. SSH keys have a wide range of applications from accessing servers to managing Git repositories.

“Today’s announcement of Secure SSH support in the Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet delivers powerful functionality for developers, system administrators, and enterprises to strengthen security around SSH Key management” commented Prakash Sundaresan, CEO Trusted Key “With this addition Trusted Key continues to deliver innovative value add features alongside core functionality for KYC, passwordless secure login, transaction authorization, and document signing all in a blockchain secured digital identity mobile wallet.”

The Trusted Key Secure SSH solution is comprised of three core tools. The Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet App provides an OpenSSH compliant key based off of the wallet’s Public key and enables users to review and authorize SSH requests. Trusted Key offers an open source Secure SSH Agent for installation on the user’s local machine that manages SSH key requests, and communicates with the Trusted Key App. Finally Trusted Key offers an optional open source Authkey library for installation on target servers that extends the Secure SSH functionality by checking on the Trusted Key Consortium blockchain for any changes to the user’s public key.

For more information on the Trusted Key Secure SSH Solution please visit:

To download the free Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet visit the Apple store here or the Android store here.

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