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Take charge of your Digital Identity with the Trusted Key App

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Effortless Access

Say goodbye to tedious registrations and maintaining countless usernames and passwords.
With Trusted Key accessing and registration for online services such as websites and applications is as simple as entering your email address and then providing a quick confirmation with your Trusted Key App. You also have the option to create an authenticated online identity opening the door to more advanced features such as signing documents, securing credit card transactions, and even opening up bank accounts.


Simple Setup

Setting up your Trusted Key App is a breeze. Register your email address and optionally take photos of your identity documents such as a driver’s license. The Trusted Key App automatically and intelligently extracts all the relevant information from your ID making the whole process fast and painless.


Rock Solid Security

By taking advantage of mobile hardware and biometric security features together with blockchain technology, the Trusted Key App ensures your personal information stays safe. Copies of your identity documents reside only on your phone, and identity information in the form of tokens are transmitted using the highest grade elliptic curve cryptography.


Total Control

The Trusted Key App leverages advanced blockchain capabilities to give you independent control over your identity creation, deletion (or revocation), and even transferring your identity to a new phone for recovery.

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