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Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform

The Trusted Key Platform consists of a device-side app and SDK, and a set of cloud-based web services. On the device side, Trusted Key provides the Trusted Key app, a free downloadable digital identity wallet app for iOS and Android which is the secure store of user identity Credentials and Tokens. The user can utilize these Credentials and Tokens to verify their real-world identity to any service (Relying Party) that requires this information. The Trusted Key device-side SDK allows enterprises (such as financial services, healthcare providers etc.) to seamlessly integrate Trusted Key functionality into their own app. The Trusted Key web services provide Issuing and Relying Parties with RESTful APIs with which they can integrate Token issuing, user authentication, identity validation, document signing, fraud prevention and other functionality into their core business processes. The Trusted Key Platform also enables third party partners to add identity proofing and other identity management functionality to the Platform.

Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform

Trusted Key Open Network

Trusted Key services are deployed in one of two ways: Permissioned or Public. The Permissioned model is suitable for applications where access must be restricted to specific communities of customers and their users – for example, a consortium of one or more financial institutions that all agree on a common identity and authentication framework. Public deployments, on the other hand, are completely open and the participants comprise the Trusted Key Open Network. The Trusted Key Open Network consists of Issuing Parties, Relying Parties, and users, each enabled by the Trusted Key app and web services. The Trusted Key Open Network allows users to authenticate themselves in a secure, reusable, and privacy preserving way while allowing banks, retailers, and other Relying Parties to leverage credentials issued by various Issuing Parties to reliably verify user identity for a broad range of scenarios. The Trusted Key Open Network allows each Relying Party to decide which Issuing Party’s credentials they will accept, while still providing the user with fine-grained control over their identity information.