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Trusted Key Identity Wallet User Guide App


Take charge of your Digital Identity with the Trusted Key App. Say goodbye to tedious registrations and maintaining countless usernames and passwords. With Trusted Key accessing online services such as websites and applications is as simple as entering your email address and then providing a quick confirmation with your Trusted Key App. You also have the option to create an authenticated online identity opening the door to more advanced features such as signing documents, securing credit card transactions, and even opening up bank accounts. In all of these interactions you remain in total control of what identity information is provided, and the receiving service can be sure that the information provided is genuine.

Setting up your Trusted Key App is as simple as registering your email address and taking photos of identity documents such as a driver’s license. By leveraging mobile hardware and biometric security features together with blockchain technology, copies of your identity documents reside only on your phone, and identity information in the form of tokens is transmitted using the highest grade elliptic curve cryptography. The Trusted Key App further leverages advanced blockchain capabilities to give you independent control over your identity creation, deletion (or revocation), and even transferring your identity to a new phone for recovery. Join the Blockchain Digital Identity revolution with Trusted Key and take control!

Using the App


The first time you use the Trusted Key App you will go through a set-up wizard. The wizard begins with setting up a 6-digit PIN. The App then requests an email address that will be used as an identifier to access the Trusted Key App on websites or applications. When you have submitted an email address a verification email will be sent.

Set Up New Account or Recover Previous Account

Create Pin

Enter Email Address

Verify Email Address

From here you have two options. You can look at the subject of the email which will contain a 6-digit value, and enter this code into the field in the Trusted Key App. The second option is to open the email on your phone and click the “Verify email” button. This will open the Trusted Key App and finish validating your email address. With your PIN and registered email address you are ready to start using the Trusted Key App for logins. If you would like to register with a service that requires additional identity information i.e. name, DOB etc. then you will need to register an identity document such as a driver’s license. Please see more details here on how to setup an ID.

Using the Trusted Key Identity Wallet

When you go to a website or application that supports Trusted Key you will be asked to enter an email address associated with your Trusted Key App. When you have entered your email address a page will app oear asking you to authorize using your App and showing a passcode. Log into your Trusted Key App and in the Events page you will see the request. Press “Review Now”. Look closely at the next page before pressing confirm. Ensure the website or app asking for authorization is the same.

Make sure the passcode matches the code on the page. Finally look at the identity information being provided to the site and make sure you’re comfortable with those details being released. If you are not comfortable press “Deny”. If everything looks good press “Confirm” and after a few seconds you should be registered and logged into the site.

Enter email address into website or application

Check Code

Check website URL, code, and requested information. Confirm or Deny.

App Navigation

Inside the Trusted Key App you will find different options along the bottom of the page.

My Identity

In the My Identity page you can view all your issued identities and by clicking on them see their details. You can also choose to add a new identity such as Driver’s License, email address, or social media profile.


In the Events page you will see all the recent authorizations made by the Trusted Key App. If you have requested an authorization you can see the notification and can press “REVIEW NOW” to confirm or deny the request. If your page becomes too cluttered with events you can always press “CLEAR ALL” to remove the history.


In the Settings pages  you can adjust your Identity Wallet experience. This includes the ability to turn ON/OFF biometric support such as TouchID or FaceID or reset your 6-digit PIN. It is also through settings page that you can create a backup for your Identity Wallet` (highly recommended), or De-authorize the device in case you won’t be using your phone anymore.

Setting up an ID

In the Identity page press “Add an ID”. You will be provided options to setup a driver’s license or an email. Please note that you can associate as many email addresses with your Trusted Key App as you wish. The Drivers license option will direct you to scan the front of your license. The first time you use this tool a tutorial will be provided on its operation. Click on the blue checkbox in the bottom right corner to continue. In order to grab the best picture possible you should take the following steps:

  • Make sure there is good ambient light in the room where you are taking the picture
  • Place your license on a dark background to provide better contrast

Backup and Revocation

A key strength of the Trusted Key Platform is the use of the blockchain to give users full control over their credentials without having to trust or rely upon any third party. These capabilities include the ability to revoke credentials, delegate revocation to others, and the ability to easily associate your identity tokens issued from one Trusted Key App to another Trusted Key App (i.e. when the user acquires a new phone).

Current Device – Backup

Backup is an important step that will allow you to reestablish your identity credentials on a replacement phone so you can continue to use services you have already registered with. To perform a Backup go to the Key Management page, press “Backup”, and enter your App PIN code. The Trusted Key App will then create a 12 word list. You should take some time and carefully write down these words using pen and paper and store it in a safe place. This manual process is fully intentional in order to push users to store their word list “offline”, out of reach from digital hackers. Many users will understandably be tempted to take shortcuts such as taking photos of the word list or writing the words in an email or online document, but all these shortcuts are discoverable from a determined hacker putting your identity at risk.

Deauthorize Current Device

Deauthorize your current device will immediately invalidate your Trusted Key App. Once the action is taken the Trusted Key App will re-open and restart the onboarding process. However, you do still have the option still recover your App by following the instructions here. You should always revoke your Trusted Key App before uninstalling it from your phone.


If you need to perform recovery install the latest version of the Trusted Key App on your phone. On the first page of the start-up wizard you will be presented an option to recover your account. The recovery will first ask you to enter your recovery PIN – which is the same PIN you used in your previous Trusted Key App. Next you will need to enter the 12-words obtained during the backup process. Upon success the Trusted Key will recover your account which means you can continue to use it with services you had registered with your Trusted Key App. Please note however that your identity information will not be recovered – so you will need to enter your email, scan your driver’s license etc. to reestablish those identities.

  • Choose “Recover Account” when app starts
  • Enter Pin used in the previous Trusted Key app your trying to recover
  • Enter the 12 words from the backup of the Trusted Key app you wish to recover

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