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Trusted Key was founded to provide consumers and organizations with a secure digital identity solution. Our vision is to enable an Open Identity Network where users control their own identity using their mobile phones and securely interact with governments, banks, retailers, universities and others. Users are able to securely log in to apps and services without the use of passwords, bring online their definitive identity credentials in order to verify their identity as and when needed, protect themselves for identity theft related fraud and access advanced services.


Prakash Sundaresan – CEO

Prakash is a technology industry leader, innovator and investor. With over 20 years of industry experience building world-class products, Prakash is a recognized expert in the areas of Big Data, Cloud Computing and IOT. Previously, Prakash was the CTO of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D.

Amit Mital – Chairman

Amit is passionate about building world-class teams, driving disruptive innovation, and delivering great business results. The holder of 46 patents, Amit was previously the CTO of Symantec and VP of Microsoft for Startup Businesses. Amit is also the founder of KRNL Labs startup studio.


Steve Bennett – Board Member

Steve Bennett is a board member, angel investor and advisor with a long track record of delivering strong results for customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. His operating roles included 23 years at GE, 8 years as CEO of Intuit and 20 months as CEO of Symantec. His board experience spans a wide range of public companies including Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm, Symantec and Insweb.  He has also been involved in a wide range of private companies, both start-ups and mid size firms such as Sojern, Vertafore, Nemean Networks, and Cytobank where he is currently Chairman of the Board.

Charles Fitzgerald – Advisor

Charles Fitzgerald is a Seattle-area angel investor whose primary focus is software platforms and the dynamics of building and cultivating ecosystems around them. He has brought this perspective to a diverse range of startup investments, including cloud computing, AI, VR/AR, enterprise SaaS and fintech. Previously, he held senior strategy, product management and marketing roles at Microsoft, Mozy and VMware. At Microsoft, he played a catalytic role in rebuilding Microsoft’s developer franchise from scratch with .NET. He was responsible for product management of Mozy’s nearly 100 petabyte cloud storage service. And at VMware, he helped launch Cloud Foundry. Charles currently serves on the boards of Against Gravity and Shippable.

Chase Franklin – Advisor

Chase Franklin is currently a startup advisor, investor and management consultant. Previously he was CEO of Daptiv Inc., Chief of Strategy for Content and Media at Amdocs Ltd., and co-founder and CEO of Qpass Inc. Prior to founding Qpass in 1997, Franklin spent more than a decade at Microsoft in key product development and management positions. He played a notable role in Microsoft’s transition from standalone productivity applications to the Microsoft Office suite. He later spearheaded some of Microsoft’s early interactive TV initiatives, as well as e-commerce and business development within MSN. Franklin is the recipient of multiple patents relating to the design of Microsoft and Qpass technologies in the areas of commerce, secure payments, business process automation and customer management in highly scaled network operating environments.