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Acquire customers faster across digital channels
Flexible and progressive proofing
Onboard once use multiple times
Give the users what they want
Confidence inspiring frictionless authentication.
Privacy control and consent management
Reduce Enterprise Risk
De-centralized identity to reduce threat of hackers
Remove opportunities for online fraud and account takeover
Enable new Experiences
Verifiable Digital Diplomas for next generation education experiences
Trusted IoT interactions between devices and people


Establishing digital trust with the blockchain

Trusted Key’s CEO Amit Jasuja provides his perspective on Blockchain and Identity in this HelpNetSecurity three part series. Click here to read part 1.



Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions can leverage the Trusted Key platform to meet their fiduciary, regulatory, and business requirements in a more efficient cost effective manner, while simultaneously making life easier for their customers.

Click here to view video showcasing Trusted Key “DemoBank” Proof of Concept

Enterprise Access Management

Enterprises can make broad use of the Trusted Key platform to manage access to IT systems, and move away from traditional role-based access control systems with usernames and passwords. In a Trusted Key Enterprise environment employees use the Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet as their access key for capabilities including:

  • Passwordless Secure Login to access corporate IT resources such as websites and employee portals. Employees can even use their Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet to access 3rd party resources such as Salesforce
  • Company employees with access to critical backend servers can use the Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet for SSH Key Management with best practice security and easy revocation.
  • Employees can perform Document Signing with their Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet private key allowing anyone to verify the authenticity of key documents

Website and Applications

Websites and Applications can leverage the Trusted Key platform to make services more appealing and easier to consume. Key features include:

  • Trusted Key Authenticated Identity KYC allows users to perform online registrations with the click of a button, while remaining in control of their Digital Identity. Trusted Key’s platform allows websites and applications to specify what information they require ranging from just email address, all the way to requesting authenticated IDs for real life identity services.  
  • After a user has registered with a service they painlessly re-login using Trusted Key Passwordless Secure Login without the  need to remember any usernames or passwords
  • Trusted Key makes integration easy by leveraging open standard plugins that enables setup in as little as 5 minutes on millions of websites based on popular backends such as WordPress and Drupal

Click here to read more in Trusted Key guest blog with Auth0


As more of the educational experience moves online the Trusted Key platform can provide a number of key features to enhance the learning experience:

  • For online educators Trusted Key’s Authenticated Identity KYC can make student enrollment faster and trustworthy while reducing overall cost.
  • Students and parents can quickly log onto institutional websites using Trusted Key Passwordless Secure Login.
  • Students can leverage Trusted Key’s Document Signing to secure documents before submitting for marking and review.
  • Educators can issue Diplomas, Certificates, and Degrees to the student’s Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet. The student can then in turn easily send their credentials as part of a job search or proving credentials.


As Healthcare providers make broader use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the Trusted Key platform can enable Users to take greater control over their personal data. Supporting features in the Trusted Key platform include:

  • Trusted Key Transaction Authorization  can be leveraged to confirm User authentication for access to private medical records, prescription refills, and other services that in turn leads to a reduction in medical identity theft.
  • In Healthcare systems where users easily move between different providers there is an opportunity for User’s to maintain to their own Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) within their Trusted Key Digital Identity Wallet.
  • Healthcare providers can leverage Trusted Key Passwordless Secure Login to provide users secure access to online medical services, and records.

National Identity Systems

As countries look to build out next generation National Identity systems the Trusted Key architecture can provide key building blocks:

  • National Identity can be based existing ID documents (i.e. driver’s license, passport), or a nationally issued digital identity with Authenticated Identity KYC
  • Trusted Key enables an unlimited range of organizations to become issuers. This can include governments issuing tokens such as proof of identity, proof of land/vehicle ownership, business registrations, etc.. Third parties can additionally issue any manner of token such as credit scores, memberships, proof of insurance etc.
  • Users can control their national identity through a Citizen Identity Wallet mobile app. The Citizen Identity Wallet will allow users to control the release of their personal identity information, register for services, and access services.
  • In a Trusted Key National Identity system, a wide range of websites and applications can take advantage of the Citizen Identity Wallet. This can include government and 3rd party websites using the wallet for Passwordless Secure Login. Banks and other organizations can use a validated digital identity to perform Authenticated Identity KYC. Finally services can use the Citizen Identity Wallet to perform any type of Transaction Authorization.



  • Free
  • Simple Setup
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Total Control

Learn more here. See the full Trusted Key App user guide here.